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Scandinavian Design / Custom-Made Curtains / 3-4 Weeks Delivery Time/ Hand Sewn in Our Atelier in Gothenburg, Sweden

    Drape 01 / Custom Made Sheer Curtain / Nude

    by Astrid Textiles

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    Let the Light Filter In
    Our sheer custom-made curtain lets in and softens the light while blocking direct sunlight, heat, and prying eyes. It has a timeless look with a matte, smooth surface and flutters lightly in the breeze. We tailor your curtain to your measurements in our atelier in Gothenburg.

    The curtain is flame-retardant, meaning that if exposed to flames, the fabric will melt away from the fire, helping to prevent the spread of flames. This protection is built into the fiber without any environmentally harmful coatings.

    Order a free sample of Drape 01
    You can order free samples of the curtain from us to experience the feel, texture, and colors of our wonderful fabrics. 

    We are here to help you find the perfect curtain for your home. Schedule a digital meeting with an interior designer or drop us an email. 

    The curtain lengths are sewn with double-folded side seams. To maintain the airy feel, we have chosen a narrow overlock seam as the hem for this curtain, giving it a modern look. The curtain has a transparent multi-band that is suitable for both curtain tracks and rods.

    Fabric Producer: Astrid Textiles
    Fabric: 100% Trevira CS recyclable polyester with flame-retardant properties built into the fiber, suitable for both home and public environments. Trevira fibers and yarns are certified according to STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX® and meet the requirements for product class 1, the highest classification, suitable for baby and toddler items.

    Produced in Switzerland, meets REACH and Oeko-Tex standards.

    Weight: 78 gr/m2

    Shrinkage: 1 cm per meter (1%)

    Design and Sewing: Moshi Studios atelier in Gothenburg

    Flame-Resistant Fiber
    The curtain is flame-retardant within its fiber, which means it does not have any environmentally harmful coatings that are otherwise common for flame-resistant textiles. This built-in flame resistance cannot be worn or washed away, making our curtains suitable for both home and public environments.

    If a flame reaches a fabric with flame resistance in the fiber, the fabric melts away from the flame, helping to prevent the fire from spreading. In the event of a fire, only a very small amount of carbon monoxide is produced, with no other toxic gases.

    The fabric manufacturer recommends gentle machine wash at 30 degrees. Do not tumble dry.

    1. Chose Color 

    Colors may vary between screens and printers, as well as between production batches. We recommend ordering fabric samples to ensure the fabric meets your expectations.

2. Choose Width

    Our curtains are extra wide (280-290 cm) for a luxurious result. Width may slightly vary due to differences in fabric rolls. The measurements provided correspond to the fully extended curtain. The actual width of your curtain when hung depends on the type of hanging and how closely you place the hooks, but a good guideline is that the curtain will be about half the width when hung.

    3. Choose the look
    Track or rod? Wall-mounted or Ceiling-mounted? Our curtains are sewn with a transparent multifunctional tape suitable for both tracks and rods.

    Curtain Track with Gliders (for flowing wave) :
    Measure the curtain length the same way whether your curtain track is mounted on the ceiling or the wall.
    * Measure from the bottom of the glider on the track down to the floor. Measure at three different points and go with the shortest measurement.

    Curtain Rod with Rings (for soft folds):
    * Measure from the bottom of the rings down to the floor. Measure three different points and go with the shortest measurement.

    4. Choose the length
    Floating above the floor or luxuriously draped?

    * Floating above the floor: Subtract 1-2 cm from your measurement.

    If the difference between your measurement points is more than 1.5 cm, we recommend letting the curtain rest on the floor. Add 3 cm to conceal any level differences in the floor.

    * Lightly resting on the floor: Add 3 cm to your measurement.

    * Luxuriously draped on the floor: Add 10-15 cm to your measurement.

    Custom Tailoring
    We tailor the curtain to your order in our workshop in Gothenburg and ship it to you within 3-4 weeks. The curtains are sewn to your desired length at a fixed price up to 330 cm. Need longer curtains? Contact us for price. Because it is made exclusively for you and your measurements, we do not accept returns. Therefore, be precise when measuring.

    We are here to help you.
    If you feel uncertain, drop us an email or please book a digital meeting with us. We will guide you step-by-step so you can feel confident with your choice of curtain and curtain length. A home with the right curtains is a home with extra heart 🤍

    Need help choosing curtains for your home?
    Email us to book a free 30-minute digital meeting. We will guide you on which curtains from our collection best suit your home and decor.

    Need unique curtain solutions for businesses?
    We collaborate with designers, architects, and companies to create unique curtain solutions for all types of projects—from public spaces to commercial photoshoots. Email us to schedule a meeting for your next project.

    Let us guide you to your perfect Curtain

    Floating above the floor or luxuriously draped? Flowing wave or soft folds? Double or single width? What type of hanging should I use? How do I measure the length?

    Read our Curtain Guide
    Find the answer in our FAQ
    Drop us an email
    Book a digital meeting with an Interior Designer

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