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    Curtain Guide

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    Curtains are an essential interior detail that can be used in many ways to create unique feelings and transform environments. They dampen sound and improve acoustics, filter light, provide privacy, and insulate against heat. Adding curtains is one of the easiest ways to create a cozier atmosphere in a room. Curtains can also be used to enhance or confuse visual impressions.

    What Kind of Curtain Are You?

    Floating above the floor or luxuriously draped? Flowing wave or soft pleats with a lovely fall? Double or single width? First, consider the style and hanging method you want for your curtain.

    Do you want to give your room more volume and make your ceiling height appear higher? Hang your curtains from the ceiling down to the floor.

    Want to widen a window? Let your curtain panels hang on either side of the window. This way, you widen the window and let in more daylight, which gives the impression that the room is larger.

    Want to widen the entire room? Hang the curtains on a ceiling track along the entire wall.

    All our curtains are sewn with a multifunctional band, chosen to allow you to vary your hanging according to your style or needs. The band is suitable for hanging on both track and rod.

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    Flowing Wave

    As the name suggests, you get wonderfully flowing waves on your curtains with a wave hanging.

    Wave provides an elegant, modern feel and is often also called lounge hanging.

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    Elegant and Timeless with Pleats

    With pleat band hanging with fork hooks, you get an elegant and timeless curtain with even pleats on the front, creating a soft, cozy feel. With different fork hooks, you can vary the style of the pleats and thus create a beautiful fall for your curtain.

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