Our friend, Elin Lannsjö, came to us with an idea. For those who don’t know Elin, she is not only a talented ceramicist but also a prominent blogger for Elle Decoration.

Elin, with her eye for details and beauty, presented a vision: a Noren-inspired curtain for her beloved cottage, a place she shares with her Victor. This cottage is not just a retreat; it is a second home filled with creativity.

When we heard Elin’s vision, we immediately fell in love. The concept of a custom-made Noren-inspired curtain perfectly resonated with our aesthetic expression. To truly capture the cottage’s soul and harmonious surroundings, Elin chose an olive green shade for the curtain. And the material? Heavy, stone-washed linen of the highest quality, sourced directly from a family-owned weaving mill in Belgium. The result is breathtaking.

Moshi Studios - bild på Elin Lannsjös Norengardin och som hänger i dörren till hennes magiska kolonistuga.

What is Noren? Noren are traditional Japanese fabric dividers, often hanging at the entrance of shops, restaurants, or homes. These split curtains are not only used as decorations or signboards but also as protection against the sun, wind, and dust. They have deep cultural significance in Japan and often reflect the beauty of craftsmanship through their detailed patterns and colors. Noren can range from bold and colorful to minimalist and ascetic. They represent a perfect balance of functionality and aesthetics, making them a timeless decoration in Japanese homes.

In Elin’s interpretation, this traditional curtain has received a modern twist, showing that culture, history, and contemporary design can be intertwined in the most fantastic ways. Read more about the curtain on Elle Decoration

Närbild på Moshi Studios måttbeställda Noren gardin i Elin Lanssjös kolonistuga