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Scandinavian Design / Custom-Made Curtains / 3-4 Weeks Delivery Time/ Hand Sewn in Our Atelier in Gothenburg, Sweden

    Flame Retardant Custom Made Curtains

    The first thing I wanted to include in the range when we started Moshi Studios was custom-made flame-retardant curtains. When working on interior projects for public spaces, the requirements for textiles are entirely different from those in private homes. Flame-retardant textiles are often a necessity. I thought it was time to bring those benefits into the private environment.

    I have carefully selected curtains with built-in flame protection from Astrid Textiles. They have fantastic quality, feel, and color tone.

    Wishing you a wonderful day!
    Sarah Widman

    What is built-in flame protection?

    A curtain with built-in flame protection has the flame retardant in the fiber molecules. No chemicals are added to the fabric afterward for flame protection. If a flame reaches the fabric, it melts away and helps prevent the spread of fire. Our flame-retardant curtains are made from recycled and recyclable Trevira CS.

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