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Scandinavian Design / Custom-Made Curtains / 3-4 Weeks Delivery Time/ Hand Sewn in Our Atelier in Gothenburg, Sweden

    Cushion 19 / Outdoor+Indoor / Linen Look/ Herringbone / 50x50 cm

    by Moshi Studios

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    Limited-time treasure 🕙. This statement piece was only available for a limited time. But we have other exciting things ahead. Sign up to our newsletter for new drops.

    A statement piece without dominating the space. This cushion is a solid keeper and modern classic. Quiet Luxury 🤫. 

    • 50x50 cm
    • Outdoor + Indoor
    • Reversible - Double Dazzling
    • Lightfast
    • Mold-resistant
    • Water-repellent
    • Stain-resistant
    • Outdoor inner cushion included
    • Preorder only
    • Made in Gothenburg

    Measuring 50x50 cm, this reversible cushion offers two designs in one. One side showcases a linen-look fabric with a classic herringbone pattern in deep anthracite gray and beige. The other side is a sophisticated solid beige fabric with a woven texture, making it Double Dazzling👌🏻. The cushion includes a hidden zipper at the bottom and comes with an outdoor-suitable inner cushion. Each piece is custom-made in our Gothenburg studio. 

    Pair Cushion 19, Cushion 20, and Cushion 21 for an unbeatable, sophisticated combination that will last year after year.

    If you have any questions, we are happy to help, just drop us an email 🤍.


    Welcome to Our World of Conscious Luxury! When you choose a cushion from Moshi Studios, you are not just choosing a decorative cushion. You receive a quality guarantee that means:

    1. A stance against mass production: We do not believe in producing more than what is needed. Through Preorder, we guarantee that each cushion is made with care and demand in mind.

    2. Highest quality every time: Since our cushions are made to order, we can ensure that every detail is perfect, from material selection to sewing.

    3. Slow production means quality: You need to wait for your cushion. Your cushion is not just another item in stock; it is made especially for you, not for everyone. It is worth the wait.

    4. Care for the environment: No stock surplus, no overproduction, just pure and responsible production. Your cushion is sewn after your order in Moshi Studios’ atelier in Gothenburg.

    5. Return policy for your cushion: Sometimes you don't know until you see it in your own home. If your heart doesn't beat extra for your new decorative cushion, don't worry! You always have 14 days to return it. We will make sure that each cushion finds its perfect home.

    The cushion is designed for both indoor and outdoor use in jacquard-woven fabric of boucle yarn that gives a luxurious feel.

    Cushion Cover:
    * Outdoor + Indoor
    * Lightfast
    * Mold-resistant
    * Water-repellent
    * Stain-resistant

    Fabric produced in Italy & Belgium
    Cushion cover sewn in Gothenburg, Sweden
    Material: Material: 100% recycled Polyester
    Recycled yarns, Reach, PFAS Free

    Inner Cushion:
    Designed for outdoor use, 100% Polyester

    Cushion Cover:
    The supplier recommends the following washing instructions for the cushion cover:
    * Gentle machine wash 30°
    * Do not chlorinate
    * Do not dry clean
    * Do not tumble dry
    * Iron on low temperature, cool iron

    Inner Cushion:
    The supplier recommends the following washing instructions for the inner cushion:
    * Gentle machine wash 30°
    * Do not chlorinate
    * Do not dry clean
    * Do not iron
    * Tumble dry, medium heat with dryer balls

    Welcome to our world of conscious luxury

    In a world of overproduction and mass consumption, we choose to break the norm.
    Through our Preorder philosophy, we stand for innovative production. Instead of having shelves filled with products that no one has bought, the cushions we manufacture already have a home.

    We have exciting things ahead. Make sure to sign up to our newletter or follow us on instagram, @moshi.studios, to be the first to know.

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